The heart has a sophisticated system for transmitting the electrical signals which prompt the heart to beat. This causes the heart to beat in an efficient and coordinated way.
When people develop a problem with the electrical conduction system a pacemaker is used to correct this problem.
Traditional pacemakers don’t use the heart’s natural conduction system and therefore while they are good at preventing the heart from beating too slowly they don’t stimulate the heart to activate in the efficient way that occurs during a normal healthy heart beat.
His bundle pacing is a new way for delivering pacing therapy, the pacemaker lead is positioned on the Heart’s natural conduction system and therefore the heart is activated in the normal efficient way.
I have published many papers in the scientific literature in this field and am regularly invited to talk about this new form of pacing at international meetings. I have trained many doctors from around the world in this procedure. This includes consultants  from Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Finland, South Africa, Portugal, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore.